Photo Gallery


Classic Tradition Quartet circa 1985

L -R Ken, Wally, Jim, David  - Classic Tradition Quartet


Memory Men Chorus Performing - 1978

So famous, Classic Tradition Quartet offered autographed photos for their groupees


We have been singing Valentines for a few years - 1980



Please do not make me wear this outfit...EVER! - 70's

This looks like we could have done it yesterday....but it was a few  years ago. 70's


We were in touch with our femine side during this era...pretty fancy. 70's


Let's play baseball!  Pretty neat idea!


Memory Men Quartet

L-R F. Reeder, J. Townson, W. Walston, H.Davidson


Now this is a classy look....Memory Men sweaters...maybe we could sell them?

Original Memory Men Quartet....where we got our name today